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I started writing this library because I had a use-case for it, and it seemed like a good challenge to get my teeth into. Since then however, my use-case is no longer valid, so please let me now how you use it.

Project Description
This is an attempt to build a library for synchronising data across a network of machines. It attempts to be

  • Fault tolerant - There is no single point of failure, any Node can drop out from the network and communication will continue
  • Decentralized - Nodes elect each other for various roles and can re-elect at any time
  • Asynchronous - Nodes do not block, so preventing any one failing client from taking the network down
  • Self-balancing - Nodes can re-route communication between themselves to find optimal network performance

In addition the data synchronisation is looking to

  • Synchronise data across the network
  • Handle multiple updates at the same time

Road Map
v0.1 - Minimal workable demonstration of peer to peer communication to distribute but not synchronise simple content. Running over WCF net-tcp

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